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Corporate Wellness

StretchXperience offers corporate wellness programs specifically designed to improve your employees’ functional flexibility and provide the benefits of better, more comfortable movement. Corporate wellness plans include our proprietary system of manual stretching, plus group classes and employee education materials. 

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StretchXperience offers three unique services to help your employees improve their functional flexibility. All of our services are delivered by our highly trained practitioners and follow our core philosophy that whole-body flexibility training improves health and wellness by improving performance of daily activities, allowing people to maintain or increase their physical activity level, improve physical performance and realize the associated benefits of an active lifestyle.

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We help people to move better, feel better and perform better by improving functional flexibility. Improving functional flexibility for your employees means your company has a more productive workforce with less time lost to injury and better, more comfortable work days. 

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We start with an on-site assessment of your company’s specific needs, goals and resources. We will help you determine which of our services can best help you maintain a happy, healthy workforce. 

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