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Functional Flexibility in the Workplace

At StretchXperience, we believe that whole-body flexibility training can optimize your workforce by increasing functional flexibility, which allows them to work more comfortably, improve performance and have a more productive work day. 

All of our corporate wellness programs focus on improving Functional Flexibility.

We define Functional Flexibility as the ability of the body to easily and safely adapt to changing movement demands placed upon it. From a corporate wellness perspective that means we help your employees to reach and maintain a level of physical capacity that allows them to perform well while decreasing their risk for injury.

All StretchXperience practitioners hold a bachelor’s degree or higher in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training or Exercise Science. Practitioners go through our proprietary training program, including 50+ hours of hands-on and didactic learning so they are equipped to provide excellent care. 

All of our StretchXperience Corporate Wellness programs are customized to meet your company’s needs and goals. Whether you choose to have a practitioner available for one-on-one stretch sessions using our proprietary program and equipment, or have us design educational materials for your employees, you will be getting an evidence-based program specially designed to optimize your workforce. 

To learn more about our Corporate Wellness services and how we can help your employees reach peak performance click here.

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