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  • What is StretchXperience?
    StretchXperience is a functional flexibility and rehabilitation clinic that uses whole-body flexibility training to help people improve their physical function and performance as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • What can I expect during a stretch session?
    Stretch sessions are one-on-one and are either 30 or 45 minutes. Stretch+ Rehabilitation appointments are 60 minutes. All of our programs use our proprietary equipment to give you the best possible stretch. StretchXpress sessions are 30-minutes. One of our practitioners will take you through a whole-body stretch while you relax. We do all of the work! Stretch Classic sessions are 45-minutes. Like StretchXpress one of our practitioners will take you through a whole-body stretch, but will add several stretches or manual therapy techniques that are specifically tailored to your needs and goals. The practitioner will also review some exercises that you can be doing at home or in the gym to keep you on track. Stretch+ Rehabilitation sessions use multiple techniques including passive stretching like our other programs, but you will also go through exercises during your appointment and have a chance to talk about how you are managing your injury or impairment.
  • Do you take insurance?
    We currently do not accept insurance, however you are able to use an HSA or FSA card for our services.
  • Is this the same as Physical Therapy?
    StretchXperience is not a physical therapy clinic. Our practitioners are trained and licensed to provide injury prevention, management and rehabilitation programs including passive stretching and other manual therapies.
  • Do you do ART or AIS?
    StretchXperiences uses techniques from a variety or flexibility training programs including ART and AIS. We do not adhere to one specific program, but do incorporate components of multiple techniques that are based on sound scientific principles.
  • What is an Athletic Trainer?
    Athletic trainers are health care professionals who collaborate with medical care teams to optimize activity and quality of life for patients both of the physically active and sedentary population. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of emergency, acute and chronic medical conditions involving impairment, functional limitations and disabilities Athletic trainers are recognized by the American Medical Association and function under the direction and laws of the National Athletic Trainer's Association and State Licensing Board
  • Do I need to tip my practitioner?
    Our practitioners do not accept tips.
  • What makes StretchXperience different from other stretching studios?
    StretchXperience offers a wider range of services compared to our competitors. Whether you're just trying to stay limber or are recovering from an injury we have the appropriate practitioners and trainings to serve you.
  • Do you use any specialized equipment?
    StretchXperience has three patented pieces of positioning and stabilizing equipment that we utilize to give you the best possible stretch. Stretch+ Rehabilitation also utilizes standard equipment seen in gyms and physical therapy clinics
  • What are the benefits of StretchXperience?
    When you work with StretchXperience, we will help you to improve your functional flexibility which means you can move more comfortably and safely through a wider range of motion. When people move more comfortably they tend to move more and at greater intensities and can reap the benefits of regular moderate to vigrous physical activity. StretchXperience can also provide sport-specific stretches to up your game!
  • Who is StretchXperience targeted for?
    Because we offer three levels of services from basic whole-body stretching to physical rehabilitation, StretchXperience is designed for anybody who wants to increase their flexibility and lead an active lifestyle.
  • Will I be sore after stretching?
    No! Our stretching programs are designed to help you move better and more comfortably. After a stretch you should feel great!
  • I have had a joint replacement/orthopedic surgery, can I get stretched?"
    All of our practitioners are familiar with the typical post-surgical protocols for joint replacements and orthopedic procedures and will adapt your program accordingly. We review all of your information before an initial visit and will work with you to determine if a Stretch+ Rehabilitation appointment is more appropriate for your needs.
  • Who does the stretching?
    All of our practitioners hold a Bachelor's degree or higher in the fields of Physical Therapy, Athletic Training or Exercise Science. Practitioners additionally go through our proprietary training program consisting of 50+ hours of hands-on practice and didactic training.
  • How does StretchXperience compare to massage?
    While there are similarities in goals between stretching and massage, our StretchXperience programs are specifically designed to improve joint movement by moving your body through a full range of motion so your body can adapt and move more comfortably over time.
  • Can I get stretched if I'm pregnant?
    Yes! Our practitioners are familiar with the necessary modifications and precautions for stretching during pregnancy.
  • What if I'm not very flexible?
    Then you're in the right place! We are here to help you meet your goals no matter where your starting point is.
  • Should I get stretched before or after a workout?
    Every body is different and you can get stretched before or after a workout depending on what works and feels best for you.
  • Does it hurt?
    No! We are dedicated to working with and communicating with you so that you get a strong but comfortable stretch. You should never feel pain or be sore after a stretch.
  • What should I wear?
    You should wear clothing that you can move freely in. We recommend wearing athletic clothing and ask that you please wear or bring a clean pair of socks.
  • What time should I arrive?
    Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment so you have time to change clothes, remove shoes, etc.
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