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Introducing our 100% online Custom Workout Programming

Our online programming is divided into two specific groups structured to meet your goals. Both utilize our principles of "Lengthen and Strengthen" to get the results you need! 

How Does The Program Work?



We start off with a 30-minute online consultation to learn about you, your goals, and anything else beneficial for us to make sure you're set up for success! 

Online Consultation

Structure Programing

After our consultation we put together your custom workout program. No two programs are the same!



Once you begin your Program Matrix, we want to make sure everything is going smoothly! A 30-minute online call every other week is included!

Online Updates

Program Evolution

Your Program Matrix will evolve as you continue to improve! Changes and progressions can be made anytime!

What Are The Different Programs?

Movement Evolution

This program Matrix will focus on General Fitness and Flexibility work as well as Sport Specific Training including running, golf, tennis, biking, and more!

Functional Movement Evolution

This program Matrix is for people with nagging Orthopedic Issues, those with Specific Injuries, or if you are in a rehab or post-rehab scenario.

How Do I Complete

My Workouts?

After downloading our mobile app, you'll be able to log onto your very own, customized online portal.


You'll find all of your documents, workouts, and everything else on this portal! You're also able to communicate with us directly through the app.

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Get More Information

Fill out this form to get more information about the programs and to schedule your FREE online consultation.


William S.

I have been involved with multiple sports like golf, paddle, tennis and baseball. Injuries have occurred through the years, but the increase in flexibility seems to have reduced the risk of injury and improved my performance. The online training app is not only convenient but keeps me focused and on track!

Steve Mills

Greater Flexibility, Less Pain and Soreness
Our body is a kinetic chain that develops asymmetries through time from overuse, or injury. At StretchXperience we create programming that will have you stretching and strengthening to eliminate these asymmetries through muscle and fascia. This will create symmetry throughout the body and increase flexibility!     

Robert A.

After working with Steve at StretchXperience I had a marked improvement in my golf game. I then decided to try the new online training program. I just started running again and feel great!

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