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Our Philosophy

At StretchXperience we believe that whole-body flexibility training improves health and wellness by improving performance of daily activities, allowing people to maintain or increase their physical activity level, improve sport performance and realize the associated benefits of an active lifestyle.

Through our programs, we strive to improve functional flexibility.

We define Functional Flexibility as the ability of the body to easily and safely adapt to changing movement demands placed upon it. That means we help your body reach and maintain a level of physical capacity that keeps you performing well while decreasing your risk for injury.

All StretchXperience practitioners hold a bachelor's degree or higher in Physical Therapy, Athletic Training or Exercise Science. Practitioners also go through our proprietary training program including 50+ hours of hands-on and didactic learning so they are equipped to provide excellent care to our clients.

All of our StretchXperience programs are individualized to meet your needs and goals. Our tried-and-true set of whole-body stretches uses our own proprietary equipment developed by StretchXperience to deliver the best possible passive stretch, that means we do all of the work during your session!  

Depending upon your needs and goals, StretchXperience offers three levels of care: StretchXpress, Stretch Classic and Stretch+ Rehabilitation. To learn more about our programs and how we can help you reach peak performance click here.

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