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StretchXperience offers three levels of care to meet your needs and goals. All of our programs are delivered by highly trained practitioners and follow our core philosophy that whole-body flexibility training improves health and wellness by improving performance of daily activities, allowing people to maintain or increase their physical activity level, improve sport performance and realize the associated benefits of an active lifestyle.

Manual Programming


Our classic 50-minute stretch sessions that include targeted passive stretches specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals.


Stretch Classic also includes an individualized exercise program for clients to perform at home or at the gym that is designed to help you maintain and increase flexibility in between appointments.


Stretch Classic also serves as maintenance care for clients who have gone through our Stretch+ Rehabilitation program.

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Increase and maintain functional flexibility



Designed to fit seamlessly with our StretchClassic program, Stretch+ is for clients who have specific orthopedic issues or more involved functional performance needs. 

Stretch+ appointments use therapeutic exercise and passive stretching along with manual therapy such as muscle energy technique and joint mobilization to target specific impairments. 

Swap any 50-min StretchClassic session for a 30-min Stretch+ session.


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For clients with orthopedic and functional impairments

Online Programming

Online Programming

Our online programming is divided into two specific groups structured to meet your goals. Both utilize our principles of "Lengthen and Strengthen" to get the results you need!

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Virtual, custom programming 
Injury, illness or new goals? Move between programs when you need a little more or a little less. Our practitioners are here to provide you the best and most appropriate care possible.
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